Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Completes 2021 Annual “GSE Global Investment Summit”


The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) hosted a 2021 edition of the Global Investment Summit to address the new wave of alternative capital available in the digital age of entrepreneurs. 

Themes for the 3 part series program included “The Future of Funding”, “The Future of Crowd Equity-Wisdom of the Crowd'' and “The Future of Investment (Careers) - The People Shaping the Investment Landscape”. 

The previous 2020 edition of the program addressed the volatile global economy and the shift in the investment landscape that transpired due to the scale of the 2020 global pandemic. With bankruptcies and unemployment at record highs, speakers identified the role of the investment community to support these challenges and kickstart industries, businesses and global economies by supporting tech companies focused on impact.

We are please to thank our 2021 speaker line up which included: 

  1. Matt Cohen - Founder and Managing Partner at Ripple Ventures

  2. ...

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