Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Completes Regional Series in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America

ATTN: GSE Regional Series- Emerging Markets (Caribbean, Africa, Latin America)

DATE: November 1-30, 2021

LOCATIONS: Global Virtual Program

MEMO: An initiative hosted by the Global Startup Ecosystem in partnership with accelerator support by Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Hubspot, Sendgrid, 

[New York, USA] The Global Startup Ecosystem is the leading tech hub ecosystem platform in the world powering over 60+ global programs a year. From Haiti Tech Summit to Space Tech Summit to Her Future Summit- the platform has galvanized millions each year via its iconic summit programs. To expand on its stakeholder leadership,  Global Startup Ecosystem launched and completed a regional series this year for the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America. 

The Caribbean Future Summit in its 2nd year featured 30+ speakers and welcomed 3200 attendees. The Africa Future Summit in its 4th year featured 25 speakers and welcomed 4,500+ attendees. The Latin America Future Summit in its 1st year...

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