Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Completes Regional Series in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America

ATTN: GSE Regional Series- Emerging Markets (Caribbean, Africa, Latin America)

DATE: November 1-30, 2021

LOCATIONS: Global Virtual Program

MEMO: An initiative hosted by the Global Startup Ecosystem in partnership with accelerator support by Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Hubspot, Sendgrid, 

[New York, USA] The Global Startup Ecosystem is the leading tech hub ecosystem platform in the world powering over 60+ global programs a year. From Haiti Tech Summit to Space Tech Summit to Her Future Summit- the platform has galvanized millions each year via its iconic summit programs. To expand on its stakeholder leadership,  Global Startup Ecosystem launched and completed a regional series this year for the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America. 

The Caribbean Future Summit in its 2nd year featured 30+ speakers and welcomed 3200 attendees. The Africa Future Summit in its 4th year featured 25 speakers and welcomed 4,500+ attendees. The Latin America Future Summit in its 1st year featured 15 speakers and welcomed 1400+ attendees. In summary, the series brought together 50+ global speakers, and close to 10,000 global delegates. 

For 2022, the series will continue and will bring back Europe Future Summit and add Asia Future Summit to the lineup. 

Stay tuned for more announcements on these iconic programs. 

For more information on tickets, sponsorships, and partnerships, please email the team at [email protected] .


About Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is an education tech recruitment company. With a mission to prepare millennial and future generations for the digital age. GSE brings together both private and public stakeholders to address humanity’s greatest workforce challenges. The platform hosts a series of employer customised accelerator programs, global tech summit gatherings and skills training programs for its membership community. As home to the world’s first digital talent career accelerator program, GSE supports a fast-growing network of remote tech professionals. GSE aims to upskill 1 billion people by 2030.


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