3rd Annual Caribbean Future Summit Featuring 3000+ Digital Delegates Announced

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Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Announces the 3rd Annual Caribbean Future Summit Featuring 3000+ Digital Delegates  

ATTN: Caribbean Future Summit

DATE: October 25, 2022 (10:00am - 12:00pm EST)


MEMO: An initiative hosted by the Global Startup Ecosystem in partnership with Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Hubspot, Sendgrid, DigitalOcean

Theme: A New Caribbean Economy: Tourism Meets Tech

September 15, 2022 [New York, USA] The Caribbean Future Summit is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual digital edition powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE); scheduled to bring 20 speakers and 3000+ digital during an unprecedented and uncertain time in the region’s history. 

Last year’s edition of the Caribbean Future Summit served to highlight some of the most pressing contemporary challenges and potential solutions facing the Caribbean in regards to tourism and pandemic preparedness. The theme was “THEME: From Diaspora Engagement to Investment: Connecting to the Caribbean’s Economic future Pillars: Tourism, Technology, and Talent”. 

This year will focus on galvanizing local and diaspora communities to tackle tourism workforce challenges, shortages, and technological disruptions within the region. The theme is “From Diaspora Engagement to Investment: Connecting to the Caribbean’s Economic future Pillars: Tourism, Technology, and Talent 

The program structure is action-packed with workshops, panels, keynotes, networking sessions and more. 

The program is a part of a regional series powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE). With the successful launch of annual programs such as the Africa Future Summit, Latin America Future Summit, Europe Future Summit, the launch of the Caribbean Future Summit comes with an added layer of urgency as the region strategizes on diversifying its economy during a global pandemic that has hit tourism economies the hardest. 

2022 Speakers

  1. Yabanex Batista: Deputy Head, UN Global Team Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR)
  2. Honourable Minister Carlos James Minister of Tourism in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  3. Dr. Paloma Mohamed-Martin: Vice Chancellor, University of Guyana
  4. Camilo Clavijo: Senior Sales Director and Country Manager Latin America LATAM Hubspot
  5. Christine Ntim: CEO, Global Startup Ecosystem
  6. Diana J. Fox, PhD: University Director, Institute for Gender and Development Studies, The University of the West Indies
  7. Terry-Ann Sharlene Segree: Private Finance Operation Senior Specialist IDB Jamaica
  8. Einstein Ntim: Chair, Global Startup Ecosystem, Africa Future Fund
  9. Racquel Moses: CEO, The Caribbean Climate-smart Accelerator
  10. Elize Rostant: Waalkers Institute for Regenerative Research Education and Design
  11. Kiesha Farnum: Director Public Sector Projects, Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA)
  12. Ancelianna Ramos: IDE Social Hub co-founder and member of the Mayor's Office in the Municipality of Cascais.
  13. Jeremy Tamanini: Founder, Dual Citizen LLC
  14. Staniel Tetteh: Ecosystem Manager, Global Startup Ecosystem
  15. Akshay Gunteti:  Director of Sales, Green Worms Waste Management
  16. Misbawu Abdallah: Financial Analyst and Content Manger, Global Startup Ecosystem


Previous Speakers

  1. The Honourable Audley Shaw: Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce- Jamaica
  2. Honourable Dwight Sutherland, Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment- Barbados
  3. Lt. Col. Michael Jones: Executive Director, CARICOM Implementing Agency for Crime and Security
  4. Christine Ntim: CEO, Global Startup Ecosystem
  5. Prof. Sir Hilary Beckles Vice-Chancellor The University of the West Indies
  6. Dr. Damie Sinanan (PhD): Manager, Competitiveness and Export Promotion- Caribbean Export and Investment Agency
  7. Jadine Yarde Chief Executive Officer Nevis Tourism Authority
  8. Mr. Charles Lindo M.B.A: Executive Director, St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation
  9. Einstein Ntim: Partner, the Africa Future Fund
  10. Barry Brown Executive Director, AFAR Media
  11. Alicia Nicholls: Founder, Caribbean Trade Law and Development
  12. Howie Firth: Director, Orkney International Science Festival
  13. Shanese Anne Steele: Nutmeg and Sage Blog writer, Aazhganan Project Founder
  14. Georgie-Ann Getton: CEO, GSD Solutions
  15. Irene Arias Hofman CEO IDB Lab (Alumni Speaker)
  16. Cassandre Charles, Vice President, Brand Marketing Essence Magazine (Alumni Speaker)
  17. Ty Heath Global Lead, The B2B Institute @LinkedIn (Alumni Speaker)
  18. Joellen Laryea, Senior Advisor – PR and Marketing, Caribbean Export Development Agency (Alumni Speaker) 
  19. Sydney Paul, Business Marketing Manager at Virgin IslandsTech Park (Alumni Speaker)
  20. Amira Alfa Senior Manager of Corporate Engagement, United Nations Global Compact (Alumni Speaker)


About Caribbean Future Summit: The Caribbean Future Summit is one of the world’s most iconic summits curating an active network of investors, tech entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, and business moguls. Each year the program gathers pioneers from across the Caribbean and around the world to address and tackle challenges that affect the Caribbean’s future. The summit serves as a platform for influencers who are sourcing innovative solutions and partners that leverage exponential technology to accelerate the Caribbean as the world’s leading tech, tourism, and creative hub. 

About Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is an education tech recruitment company. With a mission to prepare millennials and future generations for the digital age. GSE brings together both private and public stakeholders to address humanity’s greatest workforce challenges. The platform hosts a series of employer customised accelerator programs, global tech summit gatherings and skills training programs for its membership community. As home to the world’s first digital talent career accelerator program, GSE supports a fast growing network of remote tech professionals. GSE aims to up skill 1 billion people by 2030. www.globalstartupecosystem.com 


To join this multi-year initiative, please RSVP for free via www.caribbeanfuturesummit.com.   For more information on tickets, sponsorships, and partnerships, please email the team at [email protected]



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