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This is the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)

We are a global community. And not just any community. We connect you to the faces of tech hubs around the world. If you want to meet the stakeholders and decision makers, then GSE is your starting place. We bring together thousands of entrepreneurs, celebrities, government officials, cultural influencers and media leaders, together every year via our global network of tech summit programs around the world. Are you ready? Join us.


Welcome to the GSE Community

We are home to over 100+ tech communities. From Haiti to Nigeria to Ghana to the USA and everywhere in between.

With dozens of mega tech summits, meetups, and roundtables- you will be able to connect with the right influencers from around the world.


Our Global Partner Network

Our community boasts a unique network of founders, entrepreneurs, and technologists. We gather thousands of influencers every year from the world’s emerging market tech innovation hubs. 

Our mission is to prepare individuals like you for the digital age with practical programs and inspiring experiences that connect you to the right people in the right places with phenomenal purpose. Make memories that will redefine how you view and live in the world of tomorrow. 

Join a global community that will prepare you for what’s next, today. 



Our 3 Pillars of Ecosystem Engagement

We are one of the leading global platforms for ecosystem building and we manage programs with the following key pillars:


Innovative sustainable business is what powers global economies. We have supported the launch of accelerators, workshops and bootcamps that foster entrepreneurial spirit and vitality  in numerous countries around the world.


At the core heart of our event programming and training sessions are content learnings around exponential technologies. Come learn about the future by getting key content on ai, virtual reality, blockchain, nano tech, space technology, IOT and many more.


The future of work is here. Learn the fundamental soft and practical skills that are now in demand within the tech sector around the world via our competitive career accelerator programs and fairs. 

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